Bradwell Junior School


We have lots of clubs during the week. There are some before school, some during the day and others after school. 

Before school, we have a morning childcare club for children whose parents need to drop off earlier than the start of the school day. It runs from 8.00am on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings. 


Our lunchtime clubs are: 

Monday - loom band club

Tuesday - board game club

Thursday - Young Voices (singing club)


After school we have two clubs. On Tuesday we have Young Voices and on Wednesday's we have Filmclub. 


Young Voices Club  - we practice songs before we go to a concert at Sheffield Arena with schools from all over the area. It's amazing!


Filmclub - this is a club where you can watch films after school. There is a small cost of 60p which goes towards popcorn, drinks and the cost of the films.


This information was written by Class 1.

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