Bradwell Junior School

                                                    About Us

                                                           "Learning together ... expanding horizons"

At Bradwell Junior School, children, staff and parents work actively in partnership to enable all children to realise their individual full potential. We strive to create an environment where we are all learners, an environment where curiosity is encouraged and where a love for learning is fostered. Through high quality teaching and communication we work to enable our children to engage actively in their learning, to take time to experience and express awe and wonder and ultimately to take up a fulfilling place in society.

Our Aims:

The "Bradwell Way" is for everyone to:

° Create a happy and secure school.
° Feel welcome and be welcoming.
° Have a voice in how the school is run and develops.
° Be proud of who we are and what we achieve.
° Have high expectations.
° Know what is expected of us and how we can achieve that.
° Respect each other.
° Respect the environment, learn from it and care for it.
° Develop their full potential as individuals on a learning journey
° Be responsible for their actions.

We want every child to be safe and happy in our school. We believe that the key to this is for us all to have self-respect, respect for others and respect for property.

Everyone has the right to:

° Feel safe, cared for and respected.
° Be able to learn to the best of his/her ability and develop whatever skills he/she possesses.
° Be treated equally, irrespective of gender, race, and physical characteristics or any other factors.
° Learn and play without disruption.

Everyone is expected to:

° Be responsible for their own behaviour.
° Respect the rights of others.
° Share these values.

We provide a balanced curriculum that will develop each child's potential, taking into account their individual rates fo learning and preferred learning styles. To this end, we adopt a wide range of teaching methods; sometimes teaching the whole class; sometimes pairs or small groups and other times individually.

We expect all children to work to the best of their ability, to co-operate with members of staff and to contribute to the smooth running of the school.

The school has a negotiated list of rules. If children do not keep to these basic rules, they may miss their play times and have to do extra work. Equally we have high profile reward systems in place to reward and encourage positive attitudes to learning.

All expectations are highly visible in school.

Please feel free to download our  PROSPECTUS 2021/22 If you are a parent and would like a paper copy of this or any other documents on our website, please just let us know and we will provide them free of charge.

Hugh Lane, Hope Valley, Derbyshire, S33 9JB